Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lingerie Corpsdereve (Purple Series) ELKEN

Corpsdereve (Purple Series)

The Exclusive 3-dimensional Lingerie To Shape A Perfect Body CurveA shapely figure breeds beauty and self esteem. Put on this ultimate range of foundation lingerie to bring out the best of your feminine charm for a delightful and relaxing day, everyday.
WM : RM2485 (RP) RM2258 (DP)
EM : RM2507 (RP) RM2279 (DP)


The breasts are a woman's most distinctive and feminine feature that enhances her beauty and sex appeal. Corpsdereve Brassiere lifts excess body fat towards the bra cup for better support and shaping. Designed with a double power-net containing soft cotton, it provides comfort around the delicate skin area.

Waist Nipper

Corpsdereve Waist Nipper is used to trim the waistline and midriff in order to enhance bust-to-hip contour. It firms the midriff bulge and lifts tummy fat, creating an hourglass silhouette by controlling the tummy and shaping the waist.

Long Girdle

Corpsdereve Long Girdle controls and supports hips and tummy, providing an elogated silhouette. This will structure, shape and contour the upper thighs, hips and tummy areas.


Corpsdereve Panty is designed to envelope the hips/tummy, without leaving any signs of graduation around the waist or hips.

Short Girdle

Corpsdereve Short Girdle is essentially indispensable for those who love wearing hot-pants and mini-skirts. It provides a more sustainable up-lifting support to shape a beautiful hip-line.

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