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Guess Purses, Totes and Handbags
GUESS was started by the Marciano brothers in California in the early eighties. Guess handbags were not around in the beginning, but have become an important part of the Guess collection. Guess purses are fashionable, but are also affordable for the average woman. There is a Guess purse to suit any occasion or function that you will be attending. This comes from the stylish ad campaigns that Guess has become known to make. To remain at the forefront of the industry, Guess by Marciano offers numerous designs and styles to fit any need you have. Whether you need a shoulder bag or a fashion tote, Guess is a brand that can deliver it.

Fossil Purses and Handbags
The Fossil brand was established in 1984 in Richardson, Texas. Fossil purses were not part of the original product line, but they are a mainstay today. Fossil handbags are functional accessories for the modern woman of today. The Fossil bag design is anchored in a vintage authenitc style with a mix of creative tastes. Fossil bags come in all the different styles including satchels, totes, and hobos. Fossil fifty four handbags are a popular item and come with polished hardware and in your favorite colors. The Fossil company continues to make well manufactured and unique products to keep up with the changing times.

Vera Bradley Bags and Purses
It's easy to notice when you see someone walking with a Vera Bradley purse. This is do to the fact that owners Patricia Miller and Barbara Bradley thought there were not any unique bags or luggage for woman. Vera Bradley bags have a loyal following that are always on the lookout for new styles and fabrics the company will think of. Vera Bradley is recognized all over the world for their function and attention to detail. Some of the unique patterns available for your bags are Calypso, Raspberry Fizz, Riviera Blue, Pink Elephants, Picadilly Plum, Hope Toile, Chelsea Green, and Night Owl. Once you know your color, you can chosee from many of the diffrent styles such as the Saddle Up, Pleated Tote, Tic Tac Tote, Lola, Miller, Morgan, Villager, Sherry or the Super Tote.

Roxy Purses and Bags
Roxy bags are commited to the lifestyle of the young and active. Roxy is produced by Quicksilver who felt that the womans surf style look was not being represented in the purse market. Roxy's tote bags come in bright styles and cool designs as well as their satchel bags. Roxy bags are well equiped with spacious pockets to help with organization, yet still be fashionable. Produced with durable fabric, and ever changing designs, Roxy purses can easily stand up with the daily abuse you put on them.

Nine West Purses and Handbags
Nine West is a well establsihed brand in the handbag industry. Their style has evolved from the company's beginnig in the late 1970's. Each bag is a little bit sleek, yet simple for the everyday user. They have bags for the business woman and also for the girl on the weekend getaway. Nine West purses are versatile and stylish and many of the fashion magazines clutter their pages with the new edition bags. Nine West has proven themselves, time and time again, to provide affordable bags that everyone enjoys. They are not only a symbol in the handbag world, but a lifestyle that many woman choose to follow.

Tignanello Purses and Handbags
Tignanello handbags have always been a leader when it comes to functionality and pocket placement. Tignanello purses are designed with an attention to detail and with the highest quality leather and materials. Tignanello is known by the decorative ornaments that adourn the bags. This quality makes their purses unique and stand out from the crowd in the handbag market. Tig bags are suited for the working woman who wants to own a bag with style, beauty, and organization.

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